Saturday, May 31, 2008

"Three Acres and Liberty" by Bolton Hall

There is so much conventional wisdom to be learned from Bolton Hall. Three Acres and Liberty was published a hundred years ago, and yet it seems that it was written for today. Its an utterly humbling read. In the foreword Bolton Hall describes the aquaistion of resources in the 1920's, whether it be the exploitation of forest, reclamation of lands, or the utilization of swamps, its all quite blaze'. Looking for a guide to growing your own victory garden, well than look not farther... dan-an-da. Check out chapter 12 on cold-pack canning of fruits and vegtables, simple enough for the average 12 year old .
We are not tied to a desk or to a bench; we stay there
only because we think we are tied.

In Montana I had a horse, which was hobbled every night
to keep him from wandering; that is, straps joined by
a short chain were put around his forefeet, so that he
could only hop. The hobbles were taken off in the
morning, but he would still hop until he saw his
mate trotting off.

This book is intended to show how any one can trot off
if he will.

~Bolton Hall, Three Acres and Liberty

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