Friday, May 30, 2008

Local Group starts Food Not Lawns

We all know Fort Collins is a green town. Some times the Colorado State campus seems to be the emerald city with the amount of grass that is planted. Imagine if all that grass was food. Food not Lawns, wants to make this a reality. Maybe not the CSU campus but FNL wants to help you turn your lawn into something more. Here is a introduction from Bob Jones webpage entitled, Grow Food Not Lawns. Building Community One Garden at a Time

Growing healthy food is essential to our survival as a species. The idea of growing food not lawns is to encourage individuals to start a low cost organic vegetable garden to replace part of their lawn. Recently a group of us decided to start a Food Not Lawns (FNL) project in Fort Collins, Co. Our goals are to increase local food production, build healthy soils, increase self sufficiency, reduce the amount of water wasted on lawns and encourage the sharing of excess produce to build community. We will do this through education and hands on work helping individuals to start and maintain vegetable gardens.

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My favorite part, "Backyard vegetable gardens is an idea whose time has come again. During WWI, the Depression and WWII, they were known as Victory Gardens and were needed and supplied 40% of food needed. Now the incentive is higher food prices and the desire for healthy food. These backyard gardens have the potential to be a key component in local food production along with community supported agriculture (CSA’s), community gardens and farmer’s markets."

Grow Not Mow

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