Saturday, May 31, 2008

Plant a Little Garden in Your Own Back Yard

(A Victory / Liberty Garden Song)

This cover features cute cartoon showing three people tending their own Victory / Liberty gardens in the backyards. The song doesn't specifically mention the war, just the sky high prices of food. It also encourages you to do the planting and stop griping because of a Biblical saying that "you all have heard a heap..."

Words by Walter Hirsch & Bert Lewis
Music by Walter Leopold
Copyright: 1917 by Forster Music, Chicago
Original retail price: 12¢


Verse 1:
I've been reading in the papers that the price of food is high,
"Cut the prices, cut the prices," is the Nation's cry.
Now I've got a dandy little scheme that you all should try.
Go and raise the things you need, the things too high to buy.

Plant a little garden in your own back yard
Where the green grass used to grow.
Plant some nice potatoes, and some red tomatoes,
Buy a rake and hoe.
You'll have plenty for the wife and kiddies bye and bye,
You should worry if the prices go up to the sky,
Take my advice
And plant a little garden in your own backyard.

Verse 2:
There's a saying in the Bible that you all have heard a heap,
Just get busy, just get busy, don't you fall asleep.
Nevermind the man across the street, your own council keep,
The Bible says that as you sow, that is the way you'll reap.

(Repeat Chorus)

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