Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Seeds of Destruction

Travis Says:

My father and I were turned in to monsanto for saving seed eventhough we were not planting Roundup Ready Gmo Soybeans. We figure it was a neighbor who we had confrontations with over drainage rights to a farm. We were investigate by Pinkerington thugs who made my father sign a paper giving them access to all our buildings, farms, farm records, gov records etc.. They acted like they had concealed weapons, as if they were cops, and said, “You will sign these papers or Monsanto will sue you, you will lose and Monsanto takes pride in How Many farmers they have Bankrupted!! ” Then they laughed. Monsanto found that we were doing nothing wrong, but never sent us a specific letter saying they were sorry, But instead said, “We must make sure all farmers are playing on a level playing field and we would appreciate you business in the future.” We tried to get the names of the person or persons who falsley accused us of this misdeed so that we could sue them for defimation of character, but Monsanto refused and said that they don’t keep track of that. You cant imagine how much stress this caused us over a six month period eventhough we knew we were innocent. We were so scared that the next year we bought all Gmo seed, so that we weren’t risking losing everything. By the way we grain farmed 1800 acres. Monsanto has ruined farming and put the control in the hands of the corporations. This took place 4yrs ago. I thought I lived in a free country until this happened. Now I feel like it is Nazi Germany. I bet the person who turned us in got a free jacket or some seed. How pathetic. If you want to get your neighbors farmland or ruin his reputation, just turn him in to Monsanto. One, last thing, Monsanto has built spy facilities in every farm comunity took keep records about farmers purchases, but they disguise them as research facilities.


Stephen Colbert Takes a Crack at Monsanto and the Pesticide Lobby

"If we don't douse our crops with glyphosate, how will the runoff get into our fish?" Colbert asks, in response to news that pesticide industry representatives were horrified to learn that Michelle Obama's White House vegetable garden was going to be organic.

Glenn Beck is a very annoying person, but this video is worth a watch. Debbie Stockton, representing the National Independent Consumers & Farmers Association, talks about the possible ramifications of HR 875.

We have descended into the garden and caught three hundred slugs. How I love the mixture of the beautiful and the squalid in gardening. It makes it so lifelike. ~Evelyn Underhill, Letters


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