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LocalHarvest Newsletter, April 28, 2009

Welcome back to the LocalHarvest newsletter.

We are often asked to estimate the total number of CSAs nationwide, and until now we have always said that no one knows, because the federal government does not track this number. Usually, we've gone on to guess that our database includes perhaps 70-80% of the country’s CSAs. We are proud of the CSA portion of the LocalHarvest database. As of today, it includes 2,727 CSAs.

Recently the feds took a crack at a national number, through a question on the Agricultural Census. And we were astounded by the results. It turns out that 12,549 farmers told the government that they marketed their products through a CSA in 2007.

Yes, 12,549.

Localharvest.org is a great resource for anyone who interested in CSA. With two new pages on the LocalHarvest site: How to Visit a Farm, and How to Choose a CSA. Wither you raise a CSA or you want to learn more about CSA, there can't be a better resource. Coming soon, How to Shop at a Farmers Market.

Real food, Real farmers, Real Community

Grant Family Farms CSA (Wellington,CO) LocalHarvest Sponsor! 9 Reviews
We grow all your summer through fall favorites of vegetables, fruits and flowers as well as offering farm raised pastured eggs, chickens, turkeys, duck, goose, lamb and goat. We have conveinent weekly pickup locations throughout the front range from Southern Wyoming to Colorado Springs and all the areas in between. (more...)
Monroe Organic Farms (Kersey,CO) 2 Reviews
Members pick up their shares at one of 23 locations including 10 in the Denver Metro area, 4 locations in Boulder, 2 in Ft. Collins and 1 location in Bailey, Broomfield, Longmont, Louisville, Evergreen, Steamboat and at the farm near Greeley. See website for details at www.monroefarm.com
Lora's Nourishing Produce (Denver,CO) 0 Reviews
Lora's Nourishing Produce is a direct produce delivery service to Metro Denver, Colorado. We have two options for receiving fresh produce. Check them out and see which one fits your needs!

Custom Produce Member: It is similar to a CSA in that you get your produce straight from harvest to your table but it is different in that you pick exactly what you want harvested for you and it is delivered to the drop off location. (more...)

Sense of Colorado (Denver,CO) LocalHarvest Sponsor! 0 Reviews
Our sustainably grown produce is grown, harvested and distributed from Denver area yards.
Ela Family Farms (Hotchkiss,CO) 0 Reviews
Ela Family Farms partners with organic vegetable growers to diversify the offerings of small farm CSAs. We also offer a fruit CSA pick-up at our City Park, South Pearl and Ft. Collins farmer's market locations. Each week during our fruit harvest, members recieve a bag or two of whatever fruit is coming off the trees at that time. (more...)
Eastern Plains Natural Food Co-op (Bennett,CO) 0 Reviews
Members pick up their oders at various times of the year, when the poultry products are available. Turkeys and geese are available in the fall, chickens in mid to late summer and eggs throughout the spring, summer and fall.

Heirloom Gardens (Denver,CO) 0 Reviews
We offer a 20-week season with organically grown (not certified) heirloom vegetables and herbs. Offerings include several varieties of tomatoes, peppers, squash, greens, corn, herbs, beans and peas, broccoli and cauliflower, etc. You can locate a list of what we're planting by visiting our website and clicking on the "What We Grow" link. (more...)
DeLaney Community Farm (Aurora,CO) 0 Reviews
Each shareholder receives a canvas DeLaney Community Farm produce bag. Each week, shareholders pick up fresh, seasonal produce. Unwanted produce can be donated to one of our Community Share groups.

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