Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We'll Make Our Own Victory Garden, Boys!


Donald is trying his best to establish a victory garden but the crows are giving him a hard time.

During World War 2 it was common for families in many countries - especially occupied ones - to grow vegetables wherever they could find a suitable strip of land. This was done in an attempt to be at least partly self-sufficient in greens. In the USA these gardens were commonly known as Victory Gardens.

Other stories:
During the first half of the war Barks was employed in the Disney Studios where he - foremost as a story director - contributed to several films carrying war themes. Some of the released animated shorts were Donald Gets Drafted and The Vanishing Private. Furthermore, Barks worked on shelved films such as Madame XX and Donald's Tank. All 4 films are from 1942 and more details can be seen Here.

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