Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Liberty Sowing the Seeds of Victory

Liberty Sowing the Seeds of Victory. Write for Free Books to National War Garden Commission, Washington D.C. Charles Lathrop Pack, President, P.S. Ridsdale, Secretar

DuMond, Frank Vincent, 1865-1951, creator, artist



The Lever Act of 1917 represents both the normal working of American government and the extraordinary circumstances of World War I. The process of creating the Lever Act certainly followed the "legislative dance" outlined in the Constitution and congressional custom. Entries in the indexes to the New York Times for 1917 testify to the accepted but various interests of members of Congress in supporting or opposing the legislation; other entries show the range of lobbyists interested in supporting or opposing the bill. In this, the legislative dance seemed typically American: proposed legislation, support or opposition from special interest groups, legislative revision, and congressional hearings. In August 1917, the dance ended. Congress passed the Food and Fuel Control Act (40 Stat. 276), also known as the Lever Act.

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