Sunday, June 1, 2008

Victory garden, Fort Stevens, Oregon, 1944

The kind of season we have would change the date of planting. In raising vegetables, as in everything else, one should use one's common (or garden variety of) sense. A good rule is to wait until the ground has warmed up a bit. Never try to work in soil wet enough to be sticky, or muddy; wait until it dries enough to crumble readily. Gardening is not a rule of thumb business. Each gardener must bring his plants up in his own way in the light of his own experience and in accordance with the conditions of his own garden. A garden lover who has a bit of land will speedily learn if his eyes and his mind, as well as his hands, are always busy, no matter how meager his knowledge at the beginning.

Victory garden, Fort Stevens, Oregon, 1944 (ARC Identifier: 299689 National Archive and Records Administration's Pacific Alaska Region, 6125 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, WA.)

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