Sunday, June 1, 2008

"Get the Good...From Fruit"

"Make Food Fight for Freedom by Eating Wisely" was the title of a booklet prepared by the War Ad Council around 1944. Citizens were encouraged to cooperate with rationing efforts ("Rationing Safeguards Your Share") and to grow Victory Gardens. The bounty produced from a plot of land was too valuable to waste. Not to grow a garden or care for fruiting shrubs and trees was considered unpatriotic. To fail to preserve its bounty was downright un-American. One 1946, Department of Agriculture poster carried the message, "Am I Proud -- I'm fighting famine . . . by canning food at home."

"Get the Good...From Fruit" was the title of a World War II Era Poster prepared by the Bureau of Home Economics - U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Office of Government Reports, United States Information Service. It's message was: Use fruit juice fresh....if it has to stand, keep covered and cold. Cook in the peel if you can....if you must peel, make it thin.

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